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Canada – Pulling Together or Drifting Apart?


Presentation and Discussion of the Results of the Landmark 2019 Confederation of Tomorrow Survey of Canadians

How are Canadians today viewing the federation? Are old fault-lines still relevant, and are new fault-lines emerging? Which values are widely shared, and which are more contested? How confident are Canadians in our ability to work through our differences? Join us to learn about and discuss the dramatic findings of a comprehensive new survey of public opinion about the Canadian federation.


Monday, April 29, 2019
12–2pm (A light lunch will be served)
The Harbour Room
The Westin Nova Scotian Hotel
1181 Hollis St, Halifax, NS B3H 2P6


  • Dr. Donald Abelson, Brian Mulroney Institute of Government

  • Dr. Douglas Brown, Brian Mulroney Institute of Government

  • Dr. Peter Kikkert, St. Francis Xavier University

  • Dr. Félix Mathieu, CAP-CF, UQAM

  • Dr. Jane McMillan, St. Francis Xavier University

  • Dr. Keith Neuman, Environics Institute

  • Dr. Andrew Parkin, The Mowat Centre

  • Dr. Greg Tkacz, St. Francis Xavier University

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